If you have not used MidpSSH before please read the instructions, as you may need to download a specific version for your device.

The latest stable version of MidpSSH is 1.6.0.


Download and install MidpSSH by browsing to the URL below on your device. Both the release and development versions are available.

Alternative Downloads

Latest Development Release (v1.7.3)

Latest Stable Release (v1.6.0)

Previous Development Release (v1.7.0)

Previous Stable Release (v1.4.21)


If you would like to make a contribution to support this project please go to the donations page.

Version History

Please click here for the full version history.


Multiple Builds

The file to download depends upon your device and your requirements.

  1. MidpSSH is built depending upon the features you require, in order to keep the file size down. If you have a lot of storage capacity on your device, just download the full version. Otherwise you may only require SSH1 support, or you may require the smallest possible file with the sacrifice of a few features.
  2. There are also two versions of the Java specification for mobile devices (MIDP). Older devices will support the MIDP 1.0 specification while newer devices may support 2.0. There are different versions of MidpSSH to take advantage of the capabilities of the new specification, while retaining compatibility with the old. Choose the version that is compatible with your device - if in doubt try the MIDP 2.0 version first and then the MIDP 1.0. Also consult the Device Support section above for other people's results.

Please also read the installation instructions below.

If MidpSSH does not work on your device, please try the No Obfuscation Version and the bottom of the list below. Please post in the forum with your results.

Lite Version

The Lite version is missing the following functionality from the SSH1 Version:

  • About box
  • Help box
  • Settings (colours and terminal size)

The Lite version is intended for devices with limited storage capacity. Try a more complete build and if you receive warnings about the size or other problems, try a lite build.

Installation Instructions

To install directly to your mobile device, enter the WAP address into the web browser on your device. From that page you can download and install MidpSSH.

To download to your computer and then install onto your device, download the JAR file and then copy it into the appropriate (probably the Applications) area on your device.