Send Contact

About Send Contact

With Send Contact you can choose a contact from your device's contacts list and send it by email.

If the receiver has Send Contact installed they can tap a link in the email to import the contact details. If they don't have Send Contact they can click another link to turn the contact details into a vCard, which can be easily imported into their computer's address book. Finally, the email also includes all of the contact details in text format.

Sending contact details

The contact is sent with their standard details (name, mobile phone, main phone), and you choose which extra details to send so you can tailor the information to the person you're sending it to. Extra details include their image, work details, home details, private details, other details or notes.

The email is sent using your device's Mail application, so you can also add covering notes before it is sent.

Receiving contact details

On an iPhone or iPod Touch

Tap the link in the email and Send Contact is launched automatically. You get the opportunity to review the details before importing, and if there is a conflict with existing details you can choose how you'd like to merge or import the new information.

If your receipient doesn't have Send Contact installed they can purchase it from the App Store and then return to the email, or they can use one of the easy alternative methods below.

On a computer

Click the link in the email to download a vCard file. The link sends the contact details to Send Contact's server via an SSL encrypted connection for your security. The server turns the contact details into a vCard for you to download. The contact details are never stored on the server.

You can import the vCard into Outlook, your Mac OS X Address Book, or pretty much any other contact management application.

Due to technical limitations on the device the vCard has to be created via the server. This isn't the ideal solution, however it is designed to protect your information by not storing any details and using SSL. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


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